"Inspiration is the world's greatest game of telephone"

A. Meka

        A well known man by the name of Disney once separated life’s aspirations into 4 steps: “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” From the very second I was able to pick up a pencil I could feel my devotion to the creative world. Simple pass times like watching my favorite show on television, reading a great book, or recounting a story with friends began to be way more immersive when I began to take the mental picture that was painted in my head and turn it into a something tangible. Everything I took in became an inspiration. Words became pictures, progress and growth became memories and little by little my newly found interest spawned into a passion that has become a large part of my identity today. There was a joy in seeing my friends’ faces light up at the lunch table as I showed them the drawings I did of our favorite cartoon character. There is a beauty to putting effort into crafting something you love and seeing it make someone’s day. 

         Since then, I’ve lived in many places outside of my native home in Québec and simultaneously worked hard to refine my artistic capabilities while being guided the humbling rule that “although you may develop the skills to become a teacher to some, you will always be a student in life.” I am currently pursuing an undergraduate's degree in Animation with a minor in Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art In Design. Several of my works feature a consistent yet adaptive style with a variety of elements including animation, traditional and digital illustration, 3D modeling, and visual development. Additionally, three of my pieces have been displayed by Procreate, an illustration app created by Savage Interactive for iPad. In the future I intend to work as a character animator and visual developer in a company that focuses on creating inspiring projects for the international entertainment market. To revisit the words of Disney, I have thought about where I want to apply my skills, I believe that what I am passionate about will serve as a great contribution, I dream of the day my works will touch countless lives, and I dare to see my childhood aspiration develop into a lifelong career.



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