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Adriel Meka is a three-time published artist currently pursuing a masters in animation from the University of Southern California. Meka graduated in 2018 with a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Animation with a minor in Industrial Design. Several of his works feature a variety of elements including traditional and digital illustration, visual development, design, and animation. He works to keep a consistently refreshed portfolio and through the years three of my pieces have been displayed by Procreate, an illustration app created by Savage Interactive for iPad and Meka's primary tool of trade. In the future Adriel intends to produce high quality creative content with driven artists working towards a colorful, inspirational future.

Featured Publications


Gary & the Great Inventors

Written by Akura Marshall

Illustrated by Adriel Meka 

I Am a Triathlete

Written by Nia Obotette

Illustrated by Adriel Meka 

Kulu the Wise Turtle

Written by Brenda Mveng

Illustrated by Adriel Meka 

Coming Soon


paid partnership with Slam Magazine

Animated and Directed by Adriel Meka 

The Art of

Adriel Meka

"A picture may be worth a thousand words but a thousand words can also possess the power to paint a mural in your mind"

- A. Meka

The Art of Adriel Meka, is an aggregation of all of my favorite works and those that I feel best represent who I am as an artist now. Mililani, Hawaii has probably been one of my favorite places I've lived and a place I hold dear so you'll find a nice pacific theme throughout the book.


From start to finish I will flip you through some of my sketchbook pages, give you a look at some of my collaborative visual development work, walk through the heart-felt storyboards of my film, and much more.

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