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As digital painting being my primary profession, and a hobbyist musician when I have the chance, I took the summer of 2017 to put together some original songs and paint my album cover to share what I made. 

The experimental collection of songs have different vibes, including some dance, pop, some electronic, some 80's Arcade and come together to make "Réfléchir". Fun personal project made with Auxy for iPad; I hope you guys like it! 


 The single below, "Réfléchir" is a good overall example of the core direction of  the album. Also included  is a video featuring a brief look in to the mobile studio 

Behind "Réfléchir": Auxy Demo by Adriel Meka

Behind "Réfléchir": Auxy Demo by Adriel Meka



Breathe. After painting the album cover I decided to reverse engineer the image and try to make a track that matches the vibe of the painting. This lead to a simple, smooth, house-like instrumental song thats a small glimpse of more to come

Laguna is a fun take on bit of my own song structure style with bits of edm elements. Was getting some pretty nice tropical vibes so I felt inspired to make this instrumental sample. Enjoy!

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