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The Battle of Ro-Sham-Bo 

"Stubborn rock, delicate paper, and precise scissors... a battle between the almighty forces has never seen such and epic end in battle" - 

 Original Storyboards

The untold narrative of what truly happpened to JFK is making quite the buzz at the White house

Fly Swatters

man’s woodcarving craft to mourn his wife takes an unexpected turn when it awakens something deep in the forest”


in the Woods

A scripted adaptation in this depiction of Cyrano as we see how his confrontation at the local french pub can be quite a noseful


Beatboard Animatic for a tranquil and heavily art directed story of a surfer's meditative journey to catch the perfect wave


Heart filled tale of a boy longing for a way to reconnect with his best friend after they are separated by an unexpected move across the bay 


Opening sequence animatic to introduce you to the cyberpunk city of Retropolis


Story In Development
 "Deep in the Woods"

Deep In the Woods by Adriel Meka

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